Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Piglet's 3 Months Old

Yesterday Kaitlin turned 3 months old, it's hard to believe.

Here are a few facts about her at the 3-month stage.

1. She has started playing with toys. Rattles, her little Winnie the Pooh Bear, her blanket. She can actually grab them now. Piglet's still working on a tennis racket, but her hand isn't big enough to get around the handle yet. We'll keep working at it.

2. She's been sleeping through the night much more and less during the day.

3. She's loves to talk, well at least trying to. That is definitely something she gets from her Momma. We've been practicing saying Da-da and Yankees Stink about 15 minutes a day. She's working hard, but not there yet. Right now it sounds like aaaaaaaahhh!!! Not a cry, but a happy sound. I think Momma is confusing her during the day with other words she'd rather her say first.

4. She likes her Gator Mobile and the ceiling fan.

5. She's getting close to sitting up on her own. She still needs a little help though.

6. I put her in a standing position and she can hold herself up with help for about 10-15 seconds. Then she wants to rest. It looks like she's on a surf board.

7. I think she's got her Daddy's toes. They are all curled up and funny looking.

8. Her eyes have turned to a really dark brown, almost black. Her Great-Grandfather Totherow has the same color eyes.

9. Her hair is still a reddish tint, but its getting to be a darker reddish brown. It used to be more of a light reddish brown. The mullet is really starting to grow in. Still not much on top, just on the sides and back. Hopefully she will not have hair like her Daddy.

That is all for now. I'm sure we'll have more pictures from this upcoming weekend. She is getting baptised Sunday.

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