Monday, September 01, 2008

Baptism and Plenty to Say

Piglet got to spend some time with her cousins this weekend. They're going to be such great babysitters, and good influences. Just like their Momma was with Me..... On second thought, when she gets older, Piglet's going to have such a good SUPERVISED time with her cousins.
I got a quick video of Piglet talking to her Daddy this weekend. She's a little camera shy so she always stops showing out right when I start filming. Talk about cute though.
She was also baptised this past weekend. I'm so grateful for the wonderful family that came to enjoy this special day with us. Here are Piglet's relatives who came from out of town:
Uncle Keith, Aunt Joan, Cousin Erin, Papa Jack (Whacky Jacky), Granna (Big Momma), Uncle Biggie, Papa, Aunt Lynn, Cousin Caroline, Cousin Olivia, and Nana Mac.
The Explanation of Infant Baptism
The Sprinkling
Papa Jack's prayer
Daddy doing the 3rd sacrament, The Presbyterian Dance. (Just kidding)

Since we were all dressed up pretty, we decided to take some family pictures.

Unfortunately some people had already taken off before we decided to take pictures.

The Totherows

The McLeods

Piglet with proud parents

Piglet with Great Grandmother, Nana Mac

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Ang said...

I wish we could've been there to see Kaitlin get baptized...we miss you guys :o) This little man inside me is so messing with me! A few hours last night I thought it was the big momemnt then all of a sudden wham any pain or discomfort stopped, of course I remember E doing that and she came the next day.