Thursday, September 04, 2008

What to do?

Chad left for Savannah this morning and he didn't take me. We thought that it would be best if I stayed behind since he will be coming back tomorrow and it will be raining due to hurricane Hannah. I'm thinking about renting a cute movie and getting some chinese food, I guess that will depend on Kaitlin. Sunday night she slept for 8 hours straight, it was sooo great. The last two nights she hasn't been sleeping so well, she woke up every two hours last night and woke up every 3 hours the night before. I hope that she's teething and it's not an earache or just that she likes to be held. Right now she is catching up on the sleep that she missed form last night so I am going to go work on my scrapbook.


Anna Volz said...

i'll tell you a little something my momma told can talk about them sleeping all night until you eat breakfast...then you can't talk about it anymore because it jinxes it. HA!
love ya!

Brandi said...

Hi Chrissy!

Sounds like a nice quiet night...I haven't worked on scrapbooks since my daughter was born 2 and a half years ago! LOL

Thanks for stopping by and entering my book giveaway ~ good luck in the drawing!