Thursday, January 08, 2009

Champion Family

A happy family tonight. There's 2 minutes left and the Gators look like they've got another championship in hand. God sure did smile on the Gators tonight. He smiled on Mr. Tebow as well. Intently listening to College Gameday for the pregame analysis.My Gator girls
Unfortunately, the little one didn't make it to game time.

Go Gators


Jawan said...

When the game was over and I saw the clip of the Oklahoma band member crying, I said to Mitch, "I bet Chad's crying right now, too....I'm sure they are tears of joy. He probably wants to hug Tim Tebow".

I'm glad the championship went to the SEC, no matter who the team. Wouldn't that be funny to imagine Vandy one day possibly winning? Nah, it'd never happen.

Anonymous said...

At 24/14, your gators sure proved their worth! Congratulations.