Saturday, January 03, 2009

Christmas in Anniston

The reason we haven't blogged in a while is that we've been out of town for the last few weeks. We've been enjoying relaxing and being with family so much, that we haven't had time for the computer. My plan is to make a few blogs for the next few days and spread them out. We started by going to Anniston to see Momma's family. Piglet was sooo excited (see picture above).

She got plenty of pictures in her Christmas dress. Thanks Aunt Linda.

Somebody else was excited too. Can you tell?

The forgotten child. She used to be the center of the world until 7 months ago. Now she's second fiddle. Thankfully she hasn't been a jealous dog and is great with Piglet. The only complaint I have is she tries to lick her too much; which is our complaint for her with everyone.
Piglet all ready for the Christmas Eve Service at Faith Pres. This is the church where Chrissy went growing up, and where I met her.

Chrissy's family has a tradition of opening presents on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, Piglet was a little tired when it was time, so we had to wait for ever to open them. She finally woke up and was ready to go!!!
Half of these presents were for Piglet.

There was even a Piglet present in the tree.

And the fun begins

I think the grand parents had even more fun watching her open presents than Piglet did.

Opening presents is serious business.

Matching ties

Piglet even helped Daddy open some of his presents.
Christmas day, we went to Momma's Grand Parent's house to see all of the family.

Piglet and Great grandfather

A couple more random pictures of the Piglet.

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lifemoreabundant said...

What a great holiday. I know she was spoiled rotten and loved it all. :-)