Sunday, December 26, 2010

Piglet Christmas 2010

Piglet went to Papa Jack's house for Christmas this year. We started with a trip to Gadsden to ride the choo choo train and look at lights. Everybody was all bundled up.
Piglet sure was excited about all the presents
And everybody wanted to take pictures with Piglet.

Here is one of Piglet's presents. A new laptop. So she can do her homework, just like Daddy.
When we woke up Christmas morning, it started snowing.
Then we went to Piglet's Great-Grandmother's house to see more family.
And it really got to snowing there.
Mommy went out in the snow for a good 10 seconds. She left just as soon as the snowball fight started.
Tebow in the shotgun.....
The world's worst snowman. Florida style.

Daddy's little snow angel
One of the highlights of present time was her new tinker bell scooter.
One of the least favorite presents was the helmet that has to be worn with it.

It was really cold outside, but that didn't stop Piglet. More family is coming this week, and we're going to Jacksonville for the weekend, so there should be more pictures soon.

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