Thursday, December 09, 2010

Piglet's Babies

These are Katie's babies and she loves them all so much. From left to right they are: Mommy baby, Mommy baby (formerly known as baby Jane), baby Christmas, Daddy baby (formerly known as other baby Charlie) and last is baby Charlie. Did you notice that the 2 Mommy babies have hair and the Daddy baby does not?
Here is a close up of baby Christmas. She along with the crib and blanket was an early Christmas present from Piglet's Aunt Linda and Uncle Donnie. Baby Christmas has quickly become Katie's favourite. When we play she always gets baby Christmas and gives me baby Charlie (her old favourite). Katie is also determined that baby Christmas is a boy even though he has pink clothes. She is just as determined that Rufus is a boy and will not be a girl. We will see if she's right.

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