Friday, October 27, 2006

Reunion 06


Its that time again. The McLeod Family Reunion was held last weekend. Highlights:

1. Watching the Clemson GT game with the family.

2. The horse auction. They had the guy that talks real fast and everything.

3. Chrissy getting to see my chin for the first time (see pictures below).

4. Getting in a wreck a few days before, and the other guy's insurance company renting us a Toyota Rav4 to take to the reunion. The good thing about that is that its one of the vehicles Chrissy is thinking about buying, so she's had a chance to drive it for a while.

5. Reeeeeeeeeeally good food.

I'm watching game 5 of the World Series. Detroit's up 2-1, but I don't know if they'll be able to hold the lead. Its a sad time when baseball is almost over. Atleast there is still football to fall back on. Anyways, on with the pics:

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Anonymous said...

IT WAS WONDERFUL GETTING TO SEE CHAD'S FACE WITHOUT ALL THE HAIR..! He actually is a good looking young man.