Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Brian's Birthday

This past Sunday was Brian's birthday, so Chad, Maggie and I went up to Oxford for the celebration. Friday night we went to eat with one of my best friends Carolyn. We had a great time hangning out and talking. That night Chad and Dad went to play tennis, big surprise there. Saturday Mom and I made a pound cake for Brian's birthday cake and Chad and Dad went and played tennis again. Dad grilled out some steaks and we all had a great lunch. We also watched the Florida game, go Gators! Guess what Chad and Dad did after that? You guessed it, they went to play tennis again but this time I got to go with them.

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Mark and Abbie's blog said...

Happy Birthday Brian!!! Glad they finally let you go play tennis with least they haven't taken up hunting...then they'd just be gone all weekend!!