Wednesday, January 10, 2007

God sure did smile on the Gators

What a year! 1st, the Gators win the National Championship in basketball, and then in football. I guess its just great to be a Florida Gator! When people asked me what I expected to happen, I always said it would be a close game, but we'd lose. Good thing I'm not a betting man. The defense only allowed one touchdown to the undefeated Buckeyes. Heisman trophy winner Troy Smith only went 4 for 14 with 35 yards passing, one interception. Running back Antonio Pittman was held to 61 yards (they should have used him more). The Gator defense was outstanding. I guess its true what they say; If you're not a gator....

I've watched Leak play for 4 years now and he has never played a game that well, except against cupcake teams. He managed the game like a cross between Montana and Brady. He really had the game of his life. I don't expect much from him in the Pro's but you never know.

I'm excited to see whats next for Coach Meyer and the Gators. I just hope he'll be around for a while.

Go Gators!

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