Monday, February 19, 2007

Birthday fun in Jacksonville

We went to Jacksonville for my Dad's birthday. We had a great time visiting with everyone except for the fact that I've been in pain all weekend with a toothache. I got my 3rd wisdom tooth pulled on Thursday. He tried to pull #4, but after 20 minutes of jerking on it, he said I needed oral surgery to have it removed. The 3 that have been removed don't hurt at all, but the one he didn't remove is killing me. In other news, I should run out of vicatin tonight. Woo hoo!!!

Here is a picture of the birthday cake and the birthday boy. We ate this orange and blue cake right before watching the Gators get beat by Vandy. I hope they play them again in the SEC tourney. And I hope Noah "accidentally" throws the ball out of bounds and hits Vandy's idiot coach in the head. On with the pictures:

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Anonymous said...

What a surprise!!! Chad & Chrissy made my birthday real special by spending the weekend with me. I thought they were still in Salem, Al. when they showed up at my door. Can't believe everyone kept this visit secret. I think everyone knew they were coming except for ME. They are special.