Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thoughts about the Cape (Chad)

1. There are no hush puppies in Wilmington. NO HUSHPUPPIES!!!!!

2. Irish pubs are everywhere. Lots of fun.

3. Restaurants I'd recommend: Fat Tony's, New York (I wish I were Boston) Pizza, the Trolley Stop, and Elijah's.

4. I've always wanted to live in a downtown area like this. I don't see ever getting to do it though because of my job. Where we're staying is similar to 5 points in Birmingham, or 5 points in Jacksonville. Everyone wears black and looks like their struggling art students that don't eat meat and hate W. I like being able to walk to restaurants. I like sitting outside at cafe's watching the sunset. I'm sure I'd be bored after a few months and want to move back to the sticks; but I'd like to try it for a little while.

Good times.

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