Saturday, June 30, 2007

Little Fenway

Is that the Green Monster? Well, sort of. Its actually the Greenville Drive's little Green Monster at West End Field.

We drove up last night to visit my sister Alisa and her family. Knucklehead Noah threw out the first pitch in front of everyone; of course it was a strike. The Drive is the Single A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. Their stadium is modeled after Fenway Park. We even sang Sweet Caroline during the 7th inning stretch, just like the big boys do.

2004 Red Sox World Series Champion outfielder Gabe Kapler is now the Drive's manager.

My one claim to fame, at least knowing someone famous, is that I went to High School with Jonathan Papelbon. Pap is the Sox' lights out closer. We played football together for 3 years (he was a year behind me). His 2 younger brother's are playing minor league ball now. Joshua is playing for the Drive. He wasn't in High School with me, but I do remember watching him pitch in college at University of North Florida. He's got a wicked throwing motion. He doesn't throw sidearm, he actually throws even lower; kind of like former Sox player Chad Bradford.

The Drive got drilled 15 to 6, but it was still lots of fun. On to the picks!

Preview of things to come?

Could be the next great Red Sox pitcher.
Another future player enjoying the game from the stands.
Is that a World Series Champion I see?
Kapler signing autographs for the kiddies.
Papelbon warming up.
There's another Green Monster.

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