Saturday, September 08, 2007

New York City

Saw plenty of great things in New York City. We started our day by driving to a train station north of NYC. Kind of uncertain about where we were going, but we got there without a hitch.
We took the train into Harlem, and then the subway to:
Yankee Stadium
Sissy boy hit a homerun in the bottom of the first, then dropped a potential inning-ending foul ball in the top of the third. We left after the 3rd inning with the score 4-2 Yankees. Our reasons for leaving early,

1. It was extremely hot and neither one of us wanted to look like a Cape Cod Lobster
2. The Yankees were winning
3. There were so many great things to see....

Times Square
The Brooklyn Bridge. Picture taken from the Brooklyn side looking into Manhattan
Brooklyn Bridge with Gothic Architecture
A few other interesting things about the bridge: You could actually see some of the brick that covered the street where the asphalt is worn away. The bridge was opened for use in 1883.
I did a little research on the bridge after we got back. During the last inspection, the state of the bridge was reported to be in "poor" condition. Good thing I didn't eat that second slice of pizza before we walked over it.
The Manhattan Bridge
Empire State Building
It's a 102 Story Art Deco Style Building. It has been called one of the 7 modern wonders of the world. A few years ago, a women dried to jump out of one of the windows. The wind was blowing so hard, she fell one story and was blown back into the window of the floor below.
Quick Story: We weren't sure which building was the Empire State Building so I called Chrissy to ask if she could help us out. Her response was "its the tall one". Thanks for the help sweet heart. Thats why I married you!!!
Statue of Liberty (from the Brooklyn Bridge)
Grand Central Station
The New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street
George Washington was sworn into office only a block away from this historic building.
The Florida Hillbillies in front of Trump Tower. You think Trump would say "you're fired" to these 2 guys?
Ground Zero

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