Saturday, September 01, 2007

Now Leaving Enemy Territory

We're on the interstate heading back to Mass. from New York City. I'm using my Dad's laptop with wireless internet, while he's driving. It works great, except it would take forever to download pictures. So I'll just give a summary tonight and pictures later. We got lost again on our way to NYC. We took a train to Harlem where we were going to switch to the subway. Problem was, the subway was 1/2 mile away from the train station, and surprise, surprise, Harlem isn't the nicest neighborhood. The other problem is that there were no bathrooms. So me and my Dad had to walk through Harlem, trying not to do the pee pee dance, and also trying not to look anyone in the eye. We finally found a bathroom in the Bronx near the stadium. We realized that we couldn't go through monument park because we were in the cheap seats. To their credit, the cheap seats were only $12. Well, thats the end of the positives about the Yankees. We sat through 3 innings of A-Rod hitting homers and dropping foul balls. One funny note: Joe Torre asked that the umpires to confiscate one of the D-Ray's player's bats, so the next inning, the D-Ray's manager asked for Sissy Boy's bat to be confiscated in retaliation. I didn't know what was going on at the time, but now that I do know, it is kind of funny. After 3 innings of sitting in the hot sun, we mutually agreed our time would be better spent walking around doing the tourist thing than sitting there watching the pinheads in pinstripes play the worst team in baseball while our skin was slowly cooking. So we left and saw some of the sites in NYC.

Here's a list of the ones we saw:

New York Stock Exchange
Statue of Liberty
Ground Zero
Walked across Brooklyn Bridge
Manhatten Bridge
Madison Ave.
Bunch of subway lines.
Grand Central Station
McDonalds at Grand Central Station
Times Square
McDonalds at Times Square
Da Bronx
Wall Street
Trump Tower
Empire State Building

Over all, it was a pretty productive trip. Had a great time being with my Dad. We should be back in our hotel by 1:00 in the morning. We'll leave for the airport at around 4:00 A.M. for an exciting day of travel!!!! Can't wait for that 3 hour nap.

I'll put some pictures up when I've got more time and better signal. Probably need to go. I think I just heard my Dad snore. Did I mention he's driving?

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Ang said...

Yeah, the YANKEES SUCK!!! Go SOX...Boston is the best city in the country, anyways. I am not bias or anything :o)