Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chrissy's Take on New Orleans

I can't say that New Orleans has been my favorite place to visit. I would much rather be in Savannah, but now I can say that I have been here and walked down Bourbon Street. Like any big city things here are overpriced ( even Krystal burgers ), there are almost no public bathrooms and to use one you need to purchase something and receive a token, and it smells like puke every now and then. The bathroom thing normally isn't so bad but being pregnant it's been hard on me. Bourbon Street is a paradox to me. It's loaded with adult only places that have pictures everywhere with girls and some guys in the buff ( I can't believe that parents take their children down this road ) and then right next to it is a very nice restaurant where there is a dress code and the steaks are $30-$50. I would think that the nice places to eat would be on a diferent road, but that's just me. When we went to Wilmington, NC last year I had a hard time finding hush puppies, now in New Orleans I am having a hard time finding chicken. Hard to believe isn't it? Who doesn't have chicken on the menu? I guess this is just a seafood place. Good for Chad, bad for Chrissy. Thankfully we have found a few places that are not crazy expensive and have chicken. One place we went to the ranch dressing had seafood seasoning added to it which was gross and the chicken wasn't very good, but the rest of places we have found have been good. Another thing that's different about big cities like this is that they have no continental breakfast instead they have a breakfast buffet that cost at least $10 a person. Who needs a breakfast that big five days in a row? Definitely not me, I'd gain 20 lbs. Actually, I don't think that we had this problem in Savannah or San Fransisco, maybe it's just a New Orleans thing. Now that I've pointed out some of the negatives I should tell you about the nice things here. As you saw from Chad's last post we went to the zoo Sunday and it was great, don't waste your money on the aquarium though. They have a beautiful park here and some lovely older homes in the Garden District. Also everyone seems very nice. The only problem we've had is when we went o Walgreen's to buy some contact solution. Apparently we looked like criminals ( I was wearing a big sweatshirt and a large jacket ) so a cop followed us all around the store.

Here's a picture of a pretty church at Jax Square.

Here is a statue of Andrew Jackson.Tomorrow we are hoping to get a chance to go to the a WWII Museum. They are showing a special exhibit called When Baseball Went to War, you know Chad is pumped about that.

I miss my class. Jawan let me know how they are doing.

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