Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Orleans, Day 1 (Sunday)

We're in New Orleans this week because I have a class for work. We originally were staying at the Hilton Hotel on St. Charles Street, and we would have had to pay for internet service, so that is why I haven't written until now. Being the cheap scape that I am, we've moved to a different hotel with free internet and free breakfast. Don't worry though, it is still nice and still in a good area. I'm only going to blog about our first day because I'm tired and I want to go to bed. We've had a lot of fun so far and really like New Orleans.

We arrived at our hotel early Sunday and decided to go check out the sites. There was a worker at a local restaurant that was about to start washing the street when we walked by. Unfortunately when he turned on the water the hose was pointed directly at us. And it wasn't one of those wussy garden hoses. It was a fireman-style hose. It soaked the back of our legs and feet. It was already really cold outside, and that just made it worse. Well, we found our first New Orleans style restaurant on Bourbon. It was called Krystals. They have these neat little miniature hamburgers, and Krystal Chiks. Great stuff. After warming up, we decided take in more of the sites. First stop was the New Orleans Zoo Chrissy always complains how we don't see her family enough, so I figured when we were close to some of them, we might as well stop by for a visit. Yes, I did use that joke last time we went to the zoo. I just wanted to prove to Chrissy that it is still funny. I just giggled. Told you so Chrissygirl.
Don't know why, but this handsome fellow kind of reminded me of my Dad.
You see the little monkey in the right corner? She was sleeping in a little bucket. The monkey hanging from the ropes decided he wanted to go visit. He went up to her and started headbutting her. When he realized she wasn't getting up, he pulled the bucket out from under her.
He took the bucket back up to his little resting spot.
The monkey sitting in the bucket was happy, but the previous owner wasn't too pleased. It kind of reminded me of an old married company fighting over the covers. Found a Jaguar and made me think about Jacksonville. I hate that my Pats had to beat them, but they had a great season.
Chrissy doing her best Jaguar impression. ROAR!!!!
She told me she'd do the Jaguar pose in return for me showing you the worlds ugliest parrot.
Go Gators

After the zoo, we took the trolley back into town and went to the aquarium.
The trolley kind of reminded me of San Francisco. Look Andrew its a lobster!!!
Chrissy petting a sting ray.

More to come!!! Hopefully tomorrow.

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Jawan said...

Just yesterday, on one of our many weekly Wal-Mart trips, we passed by Red Lobster. As soon at Andrew saw the sign, he said, "Mama, I want to eat a lobster!". If only he knew. Well, now he does 'cause I told him they're boiled ALIVE! Thanks for the picture. Glad to know you think of our little ones even when you're on "vacation".