Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bathroom Humor

I found a leak coming from the toilet in our guest bathroom. Considering my stingy heritage as a McLeod and personal reputation of being thrifty, I decided it was time to take up plumbing as a hobby. Now I have a toilet in my bathtub and a hole in the floor. I tried to get Chrissy to take a picture of me from behind with my crack showing, but she wouldn't do it. Sometimes I just don't understand women.
The "Throne Room" under construction.

I told Chrissy that if she had to go real bad, and I was in the other bathroom, she could use this hole. She didn't find the humor in it. Like I said, girls just don't make sense some times. These are the before pictures. Hopefully, after tonight, I'll be able to put up some after pictures.

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