Saturday, June 14, 2008

First Bath

Piglet had her first bath last week. She screamed the entire time. I felt so sorry for her. You can check out the video here. But I warn you, lots of little baby nudity, and lots of screaming. I'll have to get some video of her later, with her in a little better mood.


Jawan said...

You are a fantastic cleaner, Chad!

Mark & Abbie's Blog (mostly Abbie's) said...

Awesome! We always stick their heads under the faucet to wash their hair and it stops the crying, almost instantly...well, sometimes!

Anna Volz said...

Aww! Yay for baths! I love it - "we'll never do it again". I do agree with Abbie...I always did the football hold for the hair then rinsed under running water. that way they were naked and wet less time. kaitlin will love it before long!!