Thursday, June 05, 2008

Kaitlin's First Well Check

Last Friday, before the infection, Kaitlin had her first doctor's visit. It went well. She cried a lot when they undressed her, just like me she does not like being cold. She gained an ounce and weighed 7.1 and she grew a 1/2 inch. With her being under the weather right now we've had to hold her a lot more than before. The negative is that it is hard to get anything done when you have a baby in your arms and she will only sleep while you are holding her. Every now and then we can get her to sleep for about 30 minutes in her bed or bouncy seat. Thankfully, Mom is here helping out so I can get some sleep, she's even going to stay extra until the infection clears up. Mom has made everything so much better, she's great. The positive of Kaitlin needing to be held all the time is that you get to see all of her cute facial expressions like her pouty face, her smile that shows off her 2 cute little dimples, and another face were she presses her lips together real hard and makes an O just like her cousin Owen. I have no clue when most babies do this but she can roll over now. I've only seen her do a 1/2 roll to her side but last night she rolled all the way over on her face for Chad.


Jawan said...

I love the new name of the blog! Please let me know if I can help in any way!

anna volz said...

i'm so sorry =(
have you tried the sling?? the kind that keep her really snug against you might work for her, then you could get more done. hmm..just a thought. i wish i was there to help, i could clean toilets or whatever...or hold a baby...i just figured you would rather hold your baby than clean toilets! =) how is the breastfeeding going?