Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Beckett To The Olde Towne Team

October, three years ago, I was going through a rough time. I had just been dumped a few months earlier. I was working in South Florida, away from all of my family and friends. Things were not going well, but when I woke up each morning, the terrible feeling in my stomach didn't come from being away from home, or from being dumped. The nauseous feeling was a result of one swing of the bat by Aaron Boone. The Yankees and Red Sox had just played one of the greatest playoff series in baseball history. It was the best series I'd ever seen (until the next year). Boone's extra inning home run was a crushing blow to an already crappy year. I moped every day for weeks; except one. In the last game of the World Series, 23 year old Josh Beckett pitched a complete game shutout and beat the Yankees. It put a smile on my face to see this kid beat them IN Yankee Stadium. Yesterday, the Red Sox and Marlins agreed to a trade to send Beckett and struggling Mike Lowell to Boston for three minor leaguers. Why was Lowell included in the trade? I assume the only way the Marlins would let Beckett go was if the Sox would take Lowell and his hefty salary as well. Beckett is a big game pitcher that will help the Sox next year. Hopefully, the injuries that have plagued him will no longer be a problem. Beckett also adds another goofy looking goatee/facial hair to the team. He pitched in 29 games last year. I think he'll be a good pitcher for years to come. I think management made a good decision in getting this guy. Its always good to have Yankee killers on your team. Welcome to Bean Town Mr. Beckett.

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