Sunday, November 06, 2005

Don't count out the champs

Everyone I hear talk football seems to think the Patriots will lose to the Colts Monday. On paper, it shouldn't be a game. The Colts are undefeated. They actually have a defense this year. They have a two great pass rushers (Mathis and Freeney). And of course, they've got Peyton Manning. On the other side, the big problem is the injuries. Best Offensive Lineman- out. Running back- questionable. 2nd String RB- out. Receivers Troy Brown, Tim Dwight, David Givens, questionable. D-lineman Jarvis Green, Marquise Hill, Richard Seymour, Ty Warren: all questionable. 2 of 3 best cornerbacks: questionable. Starting FB: questionable. Worst of all, Rodney Harrison out for the year. Even Brady is probable. Everything points towards a Colts victory, but don't count out the champs. Three reasons why I think the Pats can win tomorrow night:

1. Tom Brady. He is the best quarterback in football. He isn't the fastest. He doesn't have the best arm. He is simply a leader and a winner. He knows how to get the job done when his team needs it the most. When they are out talented, he has a way about him that just will not let them lose.

2. Bill Belichick. I don't think there is a better coach in football, or in any sport . He knows how to win. He's a genius, and he knows how to coach a team. He also knows how to pick winners. You'll never see a T.O. or Randy Moss on his team. He wouldn't allow that. He takes blue collar players that care about team and do their job. I'll take him over Dungy any day.

3. Clock Killin Corey Dillon (credit for the nick name goes to the sportsguy). After 1,635 yards last year, he has struggled in his second year with the Pats, mainly because of the young offensive line and nagging injuries. I just have a feeling that tomorrow will be a breakout game for him.

There is also the Tedy Bruschi return. A few days after the 04 Superbowl, Bruschi had a stroke. He wasn't even sure he'd ever play again. Now he's starting again. The fact remains, Manning has never won in Foxborough. Should the Pats win tomorrow? No. But you can't count out Tom Brady and Co. And in the words of the great philospher Rick Flair, "To be the man, you've gotta beat the man Whoooo!!!!".


Jawan said...

Just wondering why you don't root for the Jacksonville Jaguars...I mean, didn't they win today?

jay said...

Nothing to worry about with Monday's loss. We've got the Dolphins coming up.