Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving in Anniston

Change of plans. We were supposed to go to Jacksonville for Thanksgiving at my parents, but Chrissy's Great Aunt Sarah passed away so we're in Anniston instead. We went to the funeral today. I only met Sarah twice. She had many friends, and I know she was a special lady. We had Thanksgiving lunch with Chrissy's family. Great food, good times. I had some excellent green bean casserolle. If anyone wants the recipe, they can get it from Chef Chrissy. We're staying at Chrissy's parents so we don't mess up our house which is still on the market. Our agent said the week after Thanksgiving is usually a good week to buy a house so be praying for that. The possibility of two mortgages is my biggest worry right now. Like Chrissy keeps reminding me though, I gotta let go and trust God.

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Jawan said...

Sorry I didn't get to see you this morning at church....nursery duty was on my list of things to do. We're glad you had a good time in Anniston. I hope you're looking forward to your first week at work!