Saturday, December 10, 2005

House Hunting

I'd like to vent a little frustration. I'm now trying to buy my second house, and it isn't easy. We spent all afternoon driving around Columbus. I don't know if its like this in every city, but every house I liked was either too expensive, or in a rough neighborhood. And Mapquest doesn't always get it right either. It was pretty tough finding the houses we were looking for. Always at the front of my mind is the problem of selling our old house. What if we get stuck with two mortgages? A bunch of things are going right though. Though we haven't found a house, we really feel at home here. We've found some friends and we have a great church. We're also learning our way around the city. I enjoy my job here more than any job I've ever had. Chrissy also found a job. She is teaching art at a local school. I always told her I thought she was autistic (get it?). So even though there are many things I could worry about, there are also a lot of things I can be thankful for. I'm sure I'll look back at this blog one day and realize that it all worked out. It always does.


Roy G Biv said... Info on the housing bubble everyone is talking about and what is likely to happen in the spring. JUST do not get caught with 2 mortgages please !! God Bless

Jawan said...

Sorry the house-hunting process is discrouaging. We'll be joining in that ever-so-joyous hunt with you soon. We love you all, too, and are thankful you're in Columbus!