Monday, December 12, 2005

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown

Chrissy and I watched the Charlie Brown Christmas story tonight. I highly recommend it. I was surprised when near the end, Charlie asks if anyone can tell him what the meaning of Christmas is and one of the kids said he knew and started quoting Luke 2, the story of Jesus' birth. I was actually kind of startled. I know this movie still comes on TV every year, but it surprised me. Chrissy (who is much more interested in politics and world events than I am) tells me a new story every other day about some teacher changing stuff about Christmas to stuff about being just a holiday. I have no problem with public schools teaching what different religions believe and the holidays they celebrate, but CHRISTMAS IS ABOUT JESUS. I don't have a problem with kids learning about Muslim or Jewish holidays, but if they are, Christmas should be taught as well. That is the way I learned it and that is the way my kids will learn it as well.


Jawan said...

Preach it, Brother!

Crissy said...

I'm a friend of Jawan's and have a blog post somewhat similar to your's. Totally agree.