Saturday, October 15, 2005

Moving to Fort Benning (Chad's thoughts)

It is official. We are moving to Columbus, Georgia. A few weeks before the wedding, I was told I was being sent to Fort Benning temporarily. We were fine with that at the time since it was only for a few months. We loved Anniston. We loved our church. We loved being close to Chrissy's family. Things don't always work out the way you want them to. After only two weeks in Columbus, my new boss told me that he wanted me to take a permanant position here. I wanted to do everything I could to keep us in Anniston. I loved where we were. The more I talked to my old boss back home, the more I realized how much better it would be for us here. He couldn't promise me that he could keep me in Anniston, and my new boss is promising me work here for a long time. After much prayer and thought, we decided it was best for us to move here to Columbus. We found a church that we are happy with called Westminster. Chrissy is taking a part time job substitute teaching. We've even already made a few friends. Life is good for me right now (mostly because of my wonderful wife). The next step is getting our house sold and then deciding where we'll live here. That will be for another blog.

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Jawan said...

Chad & Crissy, We are so glad that you are here in Columbus and that the Lord has led you to Westminster so we could have you in our lives. It's been fun hanging out with you and we are excited about spending more time with ya.