Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Whitson House (Chad's Thoughts)

I had the opportunity to visit this house earlier today. We were told a few weeks ago that Chrissy's Great Aunt Sarah had a painting she wanted to give to us (I'll write about the picture later). We were in Anniston for the weekend so we stopped by her Talladega home on the way back to Columbus. There were many wonderful things I could write about the house, but I'm sleepy so I'll only write a few. Sarah told me that her family had bought the house in 1865. I asked her when it was built, but she didn't know. She did however know that the first white child born in the city of Talladega was born in that house in 1832. The area was inhabited by Creek Indians up to that time. The dining room table could seat up to 20 people. She had an old victrola. My Father in Law (Jack) got it going and we listened to a few oldies; and I thought record players were old. Another interesting thing about the house was the main hallway. The house used to be two log cabins. They were later made into one house and connected by what is now a long, beautiful hallway. The main hallway is twice the size of the average living room. The front porch was about 500 square feet, and the backporch was very small. You can see a difference in our culture by looking at the layout of homes. Today's homes are built for more privacy. We have large family rooms and large back porches today. Is this a negative thing? I guess that depends on your perspective.

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Anonymous said...

I know you had a great time visiting with Chrissy's aunt. I'd like to see this house. I find things like this so interesting.
Dad (Rick)