Saturday, October 29, 2005

For Sale

We officially put our house on the market today. I bought it when I wasn't even dating Chrissy in August of 04. It isn't too sad for Chrissy since she has slept there all of 5 nights. Our real estate agent seems to think we will sell it pretty quickly. There were many firsts for me at this house. My first new truck, my first dog, the first place I kissed my wife. I'll miss the old place. Quick story. I bought a used riding lawnmower a few weeks after I bought the house. I wasn't sure how I was going to get it off my truck. My coworker told me to back my truck up into the ditch in my front yard and drive the mower onto the street. My front yard has a pretty steep slope and the ditch is even steeper. I got it home that afternoon and backed it up to the ditch, just like he told me, but the tailgate was about a foot higher than the top of the ditch. I decided to park my truck in the garage and maybe buy some 2x6's the next day to use as a ramp. I was looking out in the yard that night at about 10:00 and I noticed a part of the ditch that was a little steeper than where I'd tried earlier. I figured I'd try it, but it was about to start raining so I knew I'd have to hurry. I tried to back the truck up my yard as it started to rain. Because of the steep slope, I couldn't get the truck to drive forward up the hill. The tires started spinning and pretty soon, I realized I was stuck in my front yard at 10:30 at night. I kept backing up and going forward but as soon as it hit the slope, the tires started spinning and slinging mud. I decided to back up into the back yard and then if I got up enough speed, I'd be able to get out. It was a great idea, and eventually worked, but I forgot about the tree in the back yard. After hitting the tree and slinging a bunch of mud, I finally got my truck back in the garage. I then decided to check the damage to my yard. About five feet into my front yard, I stepped in one of the ruts I made with my truck. My feet flew out from under me and when I landed there was a huge splash made from the mud. Covered in mud, yard tore up, and with the mower still in the back of my truck, I decided to call it a night. It wasn't the first, and I'm sure it will not be the last bonehead decision I make. It was a great house though. And I will miss it. Posted by Picasa

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denby said...

ahaaaaaaaa! i totally remember when that happened to you!!! it is STILL just as funny!!!! LOVE IT! how are you 2 any ways? oh and my stupid vcr broke and didn't tape the oc ... anyway you can gimme a play by play? i still love my red sox, don't worry!
: )