Sunday, October 07, 2007

Be Vewwy Vewwy Quiet...

I told you she's a killer. A vicious animal. We're in Anniston for the weekend. Sheila (Chrissy's mom) let her out this morning for what she thought was her morning bathroom break. Little did she know its wabbit season in Anniston. When Sheila called her to come back in, she picked up part of Thumper to bring in with her. If you're squeemish, or belong to PETA, you might not want to look below.
What did I do?
Headless Bugs Bunny
The rest of him

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Ang said...

Yuck! That is not as bad though as the poor kitty who got ran over a few houses down from our house today with its guts all over the road from idiots riding over it instead of going around. I almost had to be sick :( We miss you guys...whatcha doing tomorrow?? I talk to Chrissy.