Sunday, October 14, 2007

Florida-LSU, The Rematch

Revenge Is Sweet.

We went to my Sister's this weekend for some little league baseball and a birthday party. The league Owen and Noah (our nephews) are in decided to use college teams instead of Major League Baseball Teams. Owen is on the Florida Gators. As luck would have it... or was it fate; the Gators were playing the LSU Tigers Friday night. Yep... revenge was sweet. I know they don't keep score in tee ball, but I was keeping score. And we definitely won this time around. Go Gators, and Go Owen!!!
Slugger taking a little BP
In the Dugout, Getting Ready to whoop up on some Tigers
Just Before Hitting a Single
Playing a Little Defense

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lucylocket said...

Great pictures. My favorite is his slide at home. They are both good little players. I am so proud of them!