Monday, October 08, 2007

My Favorite Month

I love October. There are a lot of great things that happen this time of year:

1. The weather is awesome. It was in the 70's today.
2. Football season is in full swing. Go Pats, Jags, and Gators.
3. My favorite holiday caps it off. I love candy. Love scary movies. And I love candy.

Did you know Chrissy wanted to get married in October? Yeah right. Like I'd let that happen. I'm sure she'd want to spend every anniversary for the rest of her life watching the Red Sox in the playoffs or watching me pout while I watched other baseball teams play.

I read this article today, and it made me realize how lucky we are with Huckleberry coming in May. What if he came in October? How would I explain to Huckleberry that I didn't see his birth because Beckett was pitching a shutout into the 6th when Chrissy starts doing her pushing thing? Now we just need to make sure He doesn't come the weekend in May when the Sox will be playing at Atlanta; though it would be cool to say he was born at Turner Field.


Mark & Abbie's Blog (mostly Abbie's) said...

Have you seen Fever Pitch??? You're scary like that :)

jay said...

You're not going to believe this, but I just e-mailed that same web page to myself at work to send to you, since i don't have your e-mail address at home. One of the funniest articles I've read in a while.
I felt his pain. Alisa and I got married on Oct 26 back in '96. And when our beloved 2004 Red Sox went to the World Series against the Cardinals, I was on a romantic, Bed & Breakfast weekend with her. Most B&B's don't have a television. As fate would have it (and I mean fate), this B&B had a rec room at the bottom of the mountain. And in that rec room was my golden ring...a TV. And the greatest wife ever, that any man would be so lucky to have, agreed to sit in the rec room with me and watch this historical championship develop. 86 years of waiting, being a fan for all of my 33 years at the time. This blessed occassion was spent with my wife and our beloved Sox. Now THAT was a close call.

Jawan said...

You are so bad, Chad. Mitch and I were married in October and we, too, sat in our beautiful honeymoon location watching the world series. It was bliss!