Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Scare, Cameras, and October at Fenway

We had our first freakout over Huckleberry. Chrissy's baby doctor called her on Monday with news that she has hypothyroidism. They told her she needed to see an Endocrinologist. I went online and did a little research. Hypothyroidism (I'm going to call it hypo from now on, because I don't want to write so much) means your thyroid isn't making enough thyroid hormone. It makes you feel tired and weak, and can also cause you to gain a bunch of weight. I wasn't too worried since I didn't read anything about hurting the baby, and it said with medicine, hypo is easily controlled. I did some more research last night and found that it can often lead to bad motor skills, birth defects, and miscarriage; especially if it isn't caught early. Our appointment was set for Friday. So this morning (Wednesday), we were at the Dr.'s office when the doors opened. The Endocrinologist assured us that Huckleberry is going to be fine. Then he assured me a few more times that Huckleberry's going to be fine. He doesn't expect Huckleberry to have hypo and Chrissy's hypo was caught in time. I never thought I'd be one of those freak out kind of Dad's, and I still don't plan to be; but when a few days could be the difference between a completely normal Huckleberry and birth defects, I can be a little proactive.

The thing that bothers me the most, is when we first called the Baby Dr. to tell them she was pregnant, they told her they didn't want to see her until Halloween. If she hadn't been sick last month, they wouldn't have even taken her blood until a week from now. They also didn't seem to be in any hurry to make her appointment with the Endocrinologist. After all I've read about hypo, and our conversations with the Endocrinologist today, we've decided to do some baby doctor shopping.

We bought a 20-pack of batteries with a charger from Sam's a few weeks ago. The first time we used the new batteries in our camera, it quit working. Chrissy convinced me that I broke her camera while I was in Boston, so I bought her a new one (a pregnant woman pouting is not a good thing). Now the batteries aren't working in the new camera. We put the new batteries on a charger, and sure enough, the new batteries, right out of the box, were dead. Chrissy's response: "the good news is now we've got 2 cameras!!!". The bad news is we've now paid for 2 cameras. Oh well.

I'm watching the Boston Red Sox playing in game one of the Series right now. They made another amazing comeback last week against the Indians. After his MVP performance in the ALCS, I've almost been convinced to change Huckleberry's name to Beckett. I'm afraid that as soon as I do, he'll get hurt or his contract will run out and he'll sign with the Yankees. I'm not jinxing my team like that. I'll just stick with Huckleberry. Top 5 things I'm excited about this world series:

1. Beckett. What else can you say? He's awesome. He's already got 5 k's.

2. Youk-Ellsbury-Pedroia-Big Papi-Manny-Lowell-Tek-Papelbon Has there ever been a more lovable bunch?
a. Yoooouuuuuk: I love seeing him wait until 2 strikes before he starts swinging. The Greek God of Walks just stands there and waits. My favorite at-bats are when he is down 0-2, then proceeds to foul off strikes and take balls until he walks. Its awesome.
b. Pedroia: He looks like the kid brother in the neighborhood who's always trying to prove to everybody he's good enough to play with the big boys. He runs hard, he plays a good 2B, and when he swings, he looks like he's trying to break a Pinata, punching the ball as hard as he can.
c. Ellsbury: Ladies and Gentlemen, the future starting Centerfielder for the Boston Red Sox. I love Co Co, but he's no Ellsbury. Besides, Ellsbury sounds kind of like Huckleberry.
d. Big Papi: I like it when he hits big home runs, and gives other players hugs.
e. Manny: Stand and watch. Hit it over the monster, then stand there and enjoy it. I love it.
f. Lowell: Talk about a comeback player. This guy was terrible his last year in Florida.
Side note: Beckett just got his 7th K in the 4th inning.
g. Tek: Smartest player in the game, and one of the toughest. He's awesome.
h. Papelbon: closing the games out. He's the man (and I know him personally).

3. Jeter is playing golf right now. He he he.

4. Fenway: Best place I've ever been. Me and my Dad were sitting in one of those cramped seats, just a month ago. What an awesome place. What an awesome game. Win or lose this series, its been a great year.

5. Huckleberry's first World Series. Wouldn't it be cool if his first World Series was a Sox win? I don't care if he's still in Chrissy's stomach. It would still be cool.

Speaking of Chrissy's stomach, I have to hurry to the store for some potato chips and ketchup during the commercial. Doesn't that sound like a tasty snack?


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sending a birthday card to Ira. He enjoyed hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

Your going to become one of the greatest dad's in the world. And if Huck turns out to be a girl, you'll really fall in love & become a very protective dad. Can't wait for our baby to arrive.